Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Intelligence of Ali RA.

There lived a trustworthy simpleton during the time of Umar RA. Once he was approached by two men who wanted to give him some money for safe keeping. They also set a condition: Do not return this money to either of us, till we both appear together and ask for the bag of money. Simple.

One night one of those men returned to the simpleton and asked for the money. The simpleton replied that, per the condition placed, both of you need to be present. The man replied that indeed the second person was with him, waiting just around the corner. He convinced the simpleton that indeed both of them had come. Trusting him, the simpleton gave the money to this person.

As expected, next day, the other friend appeared before the simpleton and asked for the money. When informed that the first friend had taken it last night, he got angry and agitated. He approached the Khalifa of that time, Umar RA and presented before him the whole story and asked for justice. Delivering the judgement, Umar RA ordered the simpleton to give the second man his money. According to the Judgement, the simpleton had not abided by the condition set, hence it was his fault.

The simpleton could not digest this. How can he raise so much money? He requested the Khalifa that they approach Ali RA for a second opinion. It was his good luck that Umar Ra agreed to this. When the whole story was presented to Ali RA, he understood how the 2 tricked the simpleton. Umar RA told Ali RA about his judgement and asked if he had a different opinion. Ali RA replied in the affirmative.

His judgement was a straight one: The simpleton shall return the money back to the two who gave him the money for safekeeping. However, he shall abide by the condition set. He shall return the money back to them when both of them appear in person together! He asked the second friend to bring his first friend and collect the money back from the simpleton. Simple :-)

(Greatness of Umar RA was that he loved if a different opinion other than his existed. That way, life would be easier for the people under his regime. Where are leaders like this?)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

"GOD DOES NOT EXIST" - says the Barber.

(Heard in a Jummah Qutba)

Barber to a pious customer: Don't know why you pray to God when surely no God exists.
Pious Customer: And why do you say that?
Barber: Well, if there was a God, would he allow so many people to face all the trials and tribulations? There are so many people suffering from so many ailments, where is God? Why is he not helping them?
Pious Customer: well.... hmm....
(He cannot answer the barber, so he pays and leaves.)


After some time, the pious customer returns to the barber shop and declares:

Pious Customer: I have just realized that there are no Barbers in this world!
Barber: huh? What? Obviously there are barbers all around the world...
Pious Customer: Well, I just saw this homeless wretched of a man.. His hair was over grown and really unkempt. His hair was so long that it made me realize that there are probably no barbers in this world.
Barber: What? Surely, I am here. It's the man's fault. He needs to come and see me. If he just comes to my shop, I will cut his hair.
Pious Customer: Exactly! God exists. It is we who have abandoned Him! We need to go to Him and approach Him and speak to Him and listen to Him. People who leave God and the path that He chose for us, find themselves astray and lost. All they find is pain and agony.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Where is Allah ST?

Where is Allah ST? Millions of miles away?
It appears in a hadith, that our beloved Prophet Mohammed Salallahu - alaihi - wassalam mentioned (rough meaning) that he should not be thought of as greater than Younus ASA (in one aspect.)

Meaning of the hadith, as explained by our Ulama is: even though our beloved Prophet Mohammed Salallahu-alaihi-wassalam undertook the journey of Meraj and met Allah ST in the skies, he was no closer to Allah ST than Younus ASA when Younus ASA was in the stomach of a fish, deep inside the ocean!

Younus ASA in the stomach of a fish, or Moosa ASA on the peak of Kohitoor or our beloved Prophet Mohammed Salallahu-alaihi-wassalam on the seventh sky, during meraj, all were close to Allah ST - and there was no difference between their distances. Allah ST also mentions in the Quran that [Holy Quran 50:16]:

16. It was We Who created man, and We know what dark suggestions his soul makes to him: for We are nearer to him than (his) jugular vein.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Hating sins is essential.

Sufiyan-ibn-Uyana (RA) mentions that I have been informed (about a hadith through a chain of narrations) of an incident when Allah ST commanded an angel to destroy a village because the people of the village had strayed far off from the path of Allah ST. The angel enquired if he was supposed to destroy a village where one great pious man lived - one who spent all the time in following the commandments of Allah ST. At this, Allah ST replied back to the the angel that when he starts delivering the punishment, start with that pious man! Allah ST added that this "pious" man would see sins being committed in the village and yet never frowned on the sins! No lines of concerns and disgust formed on his forehead! He was very nonchalant about the sins amongst which he was dwelling. Thus, start the punishment with him!

This is the reason why it is important to hate the sins that are being committed in the society. It is also our responsibility to inform others of sins they might be indulging in! It is not our duty to stop them by force! Deliver what you know - it is up to the person to accept/reject the information.

May Allah guide us to the right path!

(Source: HUJ Vol 30: 28.00 minutes)

Assalamualikum - Introduction.

Intention of this blog is to narrate tidbits from various Khutbas and lectures. These are stories real and unreal that can inspire us and remind us of our duties and responsibilities towards Allah ST and his creations. Hope we can learn and inspire others from these stories and narrations.

Personal dua: May Allh ST give us tawfeeq to learn, practise and spread His deen - May He forgive us of our sins and bless from His bounties.